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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have my local channels?

We may but you can check with our channel list.  Periodically we may add channels based on viewership.

Why should I choose Vision Media Player?

Unlike many other streaming TV services

  • We have a fully licensed panel of channels.

  • We offer a very stable service.

  • We have amazing customer support.

  • We offer a referral bonus.

How many devices can I have on one account?

You can use up to 5 devices at one time with our Premium and VIP packages.  Our Free Trial allows you to try our service on 2 devices simultaneously.

What devices do you support?

We currently support the following devices and platforms:

  • Amazon Fire TV 4K

  • nVidia Shield and Shield Pro

  • Roku TV

  • Chromecast with Google TV 4K

  • Mi Box

  • A95X F3 Air

  • Minnix Box

  • Nink Box

  • A wide variety of Android Boxes (Android 9 or higher)

  • Web Browser

  • Smart TVs with Android Studio

  • Apple TV is currently in development

We are working to add more devices in the future such as Apple TV.  Please check back for more information on availability.

How fast of an internet connection do I need to use Vision Media Player?

We recommend that your device is getting at least 50 Mpbs at the device.  Speeds above 50 Mpbs are recommended to stream more than a couple devices simultaneously.  We must mention that WiFi device signal strength can vary greatly within a home and depending on the age of your equipment.  If your router is older than 2 years old, it may not have the speed to handle streaming television reliably.  In the event your device is rented from your internet provider, you may be able to request an updated device.

There are a few different speed test apps available on the various platforms.  We recommend using one to test the WiFI signal and download speed at your device to determine if an upgrade may be necessary.

I have the fastest internet service from my provider, why are my channels freezing up?

Its exciting to have a fast internet connection, however that's not the only factor that goes into a positive streaming TV experience.

Your internet connection speed is the speed allocated to your home.  Once the signal gets to your modem, it then goes to your router to be available to the many internet devices that may be in your home.  Nowadays, this is not just cell phones, tablets, laptops/desktop computers.  It now includes devices such as watches, televisions, DVD players, game consoles, light bulbs, stoves/ovens, refrigerators, crock pots, security systems and so much more.  All these devices ask for a portion of that internet speed you've purchased from your internet service provider.  

A good wireless router placed in a good central location in your home can greatly effect the signal strength in different areas of your house.  WiFi technology is always improving.  Newer devices not only allow you to get more speed to compatible devices but they also contain better signal processing so that connected devices have better speeds available to them.

It is recommended if your routers 2-3 years old, whether rented from your service provider or purchased by you, may need to be upgraded to get the best experience.

Vision Media Player works hard at providing our customers the best feeds available for each channel.  However, we can only provide as good a channel feed as is available to us.  Broadcast companies that provide the feeds to us vary in their stream quality.  As a result, signals can freeze from time to time.  A quick channel change then returning to the original channel can help resolve the issue.

Can I record programs on Vision Media Player?
Does Vision Media Player off a DVR type service?

YES!  Vision Media Player is proud to offer the CatchUp / Interactive TV services with our VIP service package.  This service allows you to Rewind TV, watch previous shows up to 7 days old and record shows on our top 50 channels.

With your VIP service, you can record up to 50 GB of shows which is around 33 hours of HD programming.  Total time may vary due to channels broadcasting resolution.  Higher resolution streams will use more data for a program than a lower resolution stream.

Can I record any channel?

No.  We only offer recording and catch up viewing capabilities to our Top 50 Channels in order to keep our prices affordable for our customers. If we added Premium Movies, Premium Sports and Pay-Per-View Event recording to our service this would also greatly increase the price of our service.

How many hours of programming can I record?

Subscriptions are allocated 50 GB of storage for recordings.  Please note that ALL users on an account share the 50 GB of storage.  That allows for approximately 33-38 hours of program recording for high definition streams.  Overall time available varies depending on the available feed resolution.  To see how much recording space you have left, go to the Recordings menu on the Home screen.  Typically, an hour long HD program uses about 1.3-1.5 GB of data.

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